What makes you beautiful?

What makes you beautiful?

What makes you beautiful? Have you recognized it? If you have not recognized it yet you should do it quickly.

In the world, there are several kinds of People. Some of them love spending their time with their friends, family, relatives… And rest of them loves to spend their time with themselves.

I love to spend my time with my family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. They make me happy. Their wishes are getting me more cherish. On the other hand, I also love to spend my time with myself. I love to thinking in my inner mind.

Anyway, that is not my point. Today my point is I have again read at class nine to ten EFT books three times. And seem to me that I’m gradually improving. Now I can read and understand English articles more beautifully than before. I hope that by doing this I can increase my riding skill then I will look after in my writing section.

Anyway, how is going on your practice? Take your time and do what you actually want to do.

I know that I’m giving my time here a bit but despite that, I’m spending my time on the reading section. I want to be more skilled in the reading section due to I know that, I can be a skilled person in English by reducing my reading lacking. I know that I have to hard work and I cannot change myself overnight. Keep me in your prayers as if I can touch my goals with my hands.

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