we have to know about what is food adulteration

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we have to know about what is food adulteration. In this time food adulteration is speared in our whole country. Our countries whole Food business owner always used food pesticide that called formalin. Which is used by as a preservative? The organization of food and Agriculture organization survey Gulshan, Karwanbazar and Mohakhali market The recent survey is found all food business owner used formalin that means pesticide unsafe level. For taking adulteration food, we brought many diseases

As a result day by day, we are carrying many diseases Approximately 50% vegetables and 30% fruit is contaminated all kind of food and fruit. Every day we eat many adulteration foods like mango, orange, apple, etc. Most of the fish seller always mix formalin in the fish. So we eat formalin by eating fish. So that very harms full for our health.

The trend to mix chemicals in the food is increasing very firstly. Our countries most of the people suffering any kind of fatal disease as like cancer, kidney failure, and heart disease.

That is why we should more conscious about to buy any food or fruit.

And Our Government should take necessary action plan to describes to mix formalin with all kind s of food and fruit.

I think we are not conscious to mix formalin in the food. So if we take necessary action to reduce mix formalin in the food.

One day we got relief from food Adulteration.

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