Tree plantation and deforestation | Tree is the most valuable elements for us and our environment

tree plantation and deforestation

Today I want to say something about tree plantation and deforestation.

The tree is the most valuable elements for us and our environment. We can’t live a moment without trees. Because the tree gives us food, fruits, fule, and most important oxygen. We can’t live a moment without oxygen. Trees give us shade in hot weather. But it’s a very hopeless thing is that we do give any value trees importance. We deforest our country day by day.

For a country to live a peaceful and save life need 25% forest. But in our county, it’s only 13.23%. It’s very dangerous for our county and us. The cutting tree is increasing day by day. We cut tree for our need but we don’t plant trees for our future. We want to shade in the summer season but we don’t plant trees. We know the value of tree plantation but we don’t do this.

For deforestation, our weather is becoming hot day by day. Nature show their rude face. Every year we face many problems with its bad effects.

For deforestation, CO2 is increasing day by day and it makes the world warmer.

If we don’t stop deforestation and not start tree plantation we have to suffer more in future.

We need more consciousness to solve this problem. And we need to plantation trees more and more for our safe future.

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