Beautiful color’s snake is mostly harmful to human being

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Today I want to tell you about an 🐍animal. Can you guess what type an of animal is it? Ok, you try to imagine. I say you at last.

In my childhood, our village may diaspora came from the various area, hills, or far away. They wanted to see our various new games with their animals. They have various animal and also many. Some were white in color, some were mixed in white and red and black. Though I got fear to see it, I liked its playing games very much.

When I got a new mobile, a long days ago I played this game very much. I hope that you can imagine what animal is it? Your guess is right. I said you about🐍🐍 snthe ake. Wow😯got afraid? It is one kind of rime frost animal. Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpents like all squattest. snakes are exothermic, amniotic vertebrates covered in overlapping scales.

There are various kinds of the snake and various color. Beautiful color’s snake is mostly harmful to human being.

In rainy season a lot of people died by biting of snakes.

You like or not. I like snakes movie very much. Shut Nag is my favorite movie. I watch it many times. Yes, the Nageen play is also one of my favorite players. This play is telecast in color’s Bangla. Though our TV is destroyed I watch it online.

What is your favorite movie?

Personally and really I did not like a snake. But online, on screen it is ok. I never touch it. But really it looks very nice.

All images are from online and if you want to read more about snake can search in google.

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