Only mother can loves to children without any rendition

Only mother can loves to children without any rendition

I select a topic about mother. I think in the beautiful world mother is mother she is only one there is no compare to others with mother because only mother can loves to children without any rendition.just u see when we were born that time we won’t know how to eat, how to sleep, how to play only we would know that cry & smile but when we cry then suddenly every mother understanding what we find this power only have in our heart of mother. also when we were small she takes care of us every second every minute every hour every day. always we gave pain to mother but a mother can’t see its pain also she take care, loves us so I am sure to say in the earth we never repay mother of debt. therefore must we should always serve to mother. we know that most of the people love to mother so much in our country but some people gave to hurt to mother, I would like to say them,

do you know how to come in the world?

do you know when you can’t eat by your own hand, who feed u?

do you know u can’t clean yourself who clean u?

do you know when u break sleep midnight who repose you again?

do you know who make foods for your every day which you like?

do you know who never eat for your feed?


who hurt to mother if any person sees my post just take 5 minutes you deeply think what you do and what should do you?

I miss so much my mother also loves so much

o Allah gives me the opportunity to serve her.

lastly, I am want to say I am not good in English so if I make any unintentional mistake pardon me also correct it

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