One day I see a Harry Potter movie series

One day I see a Harry Potter movie series

One day I see a Harry Potter movie series than in the scene you may saw that Dumbledore remove his annoying thinkings with his stick in a magic pot. This thing hit my thinking, but I’ve no magic stick or pot; now what can I do.

That time an imagination comes on me, then I think may I’ve no magical equipment but I’ve imagined, I can imagine that my thinkings also be removed as Dumbledore do. And believe me guys it happens, I became free from old stuff.

It also has a practical process, I read it in a book but I can’t recall that psychiatrists name, he says that we suffered from thousands of problems and events in our daily life, and these things hurt our mind and brain too much. Mine suggest to you, go to a quiet place with a paper and pen, sit there and write that thinkings and problems that stuck your head. Now make it trash and come to your place. You’ll be happy that moment because that stuff doesn’t bother you again.

And I also have done this thing, yeah it’s working. May you guys can recall that Dumbledore process as it helps me and it also ruins some good memories too, as comics or books world isn’t totally like our timeline and our universe their process also can’t be appropriate it’s too not. But that’s not too much you can follow it, as your wish.

And finally guys I just share my thinking if you, anyone of you hurt please forgive me.

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