Mistake just mistake may have correct or incur the rest that thinking about past, present, and future.

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Mistake just mistake may have correct or incur the rest that thinking about past, present, and future.


Has there the solve of mistake in our line for?

The event, We know that man is a mistake. Without mistake, we can not make or learn everything. By mistake, we the art and learning several kinds of unknown things. Firstly, in the world, everyone did not come from the knowledge that perfectly achieved good some into life Rather came by uneducated or illiterate. Even now is doing among this toil, Many of us are learning a lot of knowledge skilled and getting improvement only from failures. When you were and I was a little baby at that time we did so much mistake. That time, you were or I was not catching any mistakes of others people. Because we were not really skilled like sage people. Rather, many of us were pensive and foolish. When we are being big. From then. Day by day, All of us are achieving new and new words. Actually, mysterious tell is that we are been many big or young from ago. Now our think is difficult and our concern is the difference, our teaching is the difference. Our wish is perfectly difference and we do not have remembered that Past day. Now we are thinking for future days If we find a prosperity in our life an affluent then will be altered our unsuccessful parts that knowing and learning from known. It will be our the breakthrough and become eligible on influence so forcefully.

Dear, what do you think about the past?

About past: When we want to get good skills then we search about past histories. Because past had good some tuition Now why people are achieving skills and people is learning any information from the past. So it may be the stories about a good poet. Past poet was very brilliant and intelligent. We get a lot of inspiration from them We use about those poets several information and still reading many histories about the king. That time, They were the most level up and had done Regime many kingdoms. That time was a landlord is a dynasty. Then was not a government around the globe. Then obeyed each tells of the king is advice there were any hickeys. But do we still, are learning the dreading until now. Vele says that do not need that remembering about past histories. Really it is an error holds into human life that we just think. Samas, We have to run about past. For what, do you know? It is the reason. Past think is our future. When we follow Allah and read many Hadith about another prophet then we get good result Because the Hadith is not in the present and future. The Hadith was in past and still reading for future days because it is our main work so keeping. Just not it, we do not have grandfather and grandfather They are no more in the world Present they are passed still all of us are remembering and blessing about them That they will go to heaven. Because it is our great duty. So we try to keep about past very carefully if we get a happiness in life. We have to learn about Many matters that we do not know yet. So look at me that what I totally wrote such Mistake or right from my memory.

What do you guess about the present?

About present: Present means that struggling.

Present there have to think about our life about the difficult effect. If we want to do some good develop but among cannot do it. Present, the all of us are struggling with life for ahead days that where and how will get a good domestic result. At the time, Among are lonely people that do not understand How to take or decorate a happy family. They are running and for taking a good Enquiry or exploration. In the noa w time, we feel as irritated on knows. Many are now in grades so hungry and beaten people. The present time is a very compact examination. They are running behind efficiency for knowledge that how they are getting a good household from now for future. Present culture is betterment culture. The time is creating so many large and large mysterious device ana d also difference have knowledge in the brain of many people. By the current device, they easily getting fence without ut difficult roads. He more day is going, the more among are getting cognizance in modern time. Actually, it is an immeasurable or staggering history.

What do you regard or consideration about the future? About future: Future means dream. Dream means hope. Future means pursuit. Future is our outgoing. Forgetting the pursuit there everybody is fully fighting and difficulty in the earth. If someone difficulty keeps any works and thinking for in front of days they find a conspicuous way. We all are waiting that will get some good initiative and results. All of us are living on the earth very difficulty. Every day, among sees dream about various things. Yes, the dream is not to finish of future. We know that knowledge is our main strength. If we have a lot of knowledge and skills to teaching then can get a good job in the future. We have to develop on several knowing. Future days are very valuable. Past and present words using for future. This will be powerful in our life. The root problem is that Many are storyteller and viper. They do not look to good to some people that who there is doing good and give a blessing to their all rather doing debating and grudged that who has succeeded there to that great persons. We rightly do no know about the future that what Maybe there. We do imagine for future days that there will come comfortably some carefree and casually accurate in life. All of us knows that will come also digital skills like enchantment into a human being. Whatsoever. Do you believe that these all things are our necessary? I have no talk that describing a long time here about the future. Because I am not wisdom like all of you. Just written such wrong tells. If you prefer this write then write down something.

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