man is a blessing for any country

man is a blessing for any country
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Today my mind is very sad cause I am unemployment till now. I am the elder son in my family. My father is a farmer. He worked hard for carrying my educational expense. Now he is very tired. He can’t able to do something for my family now.

I am trying to do something for support, my family. But the matter of sorrow that I ain’t manage any job to help, my family. Now I am a curse for my family.

Now I am fell that I’m a burden for my family. I am not able to tolerate my father pain. He was a big hope that his son will get a job after his post-graduation.

In Bangladesh educate people to become curse day by day for this country. When I was reading higher secondary period, I read man is a blessing for any country. But now I fell it was totally wrong.

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