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I have noticed that love becomes permanent after several stages. They are choice, passion, interest, knowledge, benefit and permanent liking.

When we see a simple thing and that is liked for that’s simplicity and necessity then we start liking. After feeling much we become passionate for that and feel interested to know more and try to know. Knowing many things we gather knowledge. If that knowledge is fruitful then we are benefited ultimately. We love them then permanently.

The same has happened to me. After joining Search English I see a magical change in mine I become more passionate, even I tried to read almost all the posts and wrote accordingly.

As I was a student of English it was more important for me to be perfect in English. When I feel the necessity of being adroit and I was little bit suffering, at that time Search English came with a blessing. I tried to grab The chance and work. Consequently, I started improving myself and going fast. As aforementioned I was a student of English it was easy and funny to write in English.

I have been passing my times here since then. As a result, I have completed my graduation successfully.

Because of my passing Times here too much I often had to hear foul language from companies. They criticized always. But I didn’t pay heed to them. That’s why English is now power, strength, and love as well as earning source.

Though I can’t give time more now, I can’t stay a single day without accessing here. Search English has been matched with my brain. I can not leave search English instead of my excessive business. I am to stay busy conducting classes and preparing lessons. That’s somewhat irregular but I always feel Search English. Whenever I get time I come here and write something. I love to help others sharing my knowledge. I have already written grammar rules with fun

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