Life makes us weird, brutal, Powerful, and polite.

Life makes us weird, brutal, Powerful, and polite
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Life makes us weird, brutal, Powerful, and polite.

Let’s discuss when how can we overcome all kinds of pathetic situation.

In social media just reveals the happiness most of the time. Don’t try to publish our melancholy moments either happened or not. Sometimes it seems to you that maybe you are having trouble unlimited you cannot tolerate beyond you have to live owing to your life is just only for you. Your everything is going to be ruthless, you seem you gonna die. Don’t think like this rather in the different way it is common to have such melancholy albeit have to adjust. Let me point out some common affairs…

Shock In Love: Everybody wants to have love in their life, they have the desire to have one special person who will care them, love them, respect them and share to them everything whatever happens in life. Spontaneously once they fall in love with someone which is real/true love but the fact is that after making relationship have started an altercation, hassle, conflict, Huff and gonna be demolished relation eventually. In between the couple during the first time relationship, everything is okay, fine, good, awesome, Tremendous, Amazing, superb, Fair & Lovely. There is nothing impossible and intolerable between that couple Alas gradually it becomes hard and pointless. It’s a really burning question that how will you handle that kind of situation? Angry is one of the most crucial cause to make confliction and huff. Gradually it will be the reason for demolished relation so please avoid to be angry as much as possible by you. Because you know from the beginning of earth they are succeeded who can control anger so do it accordingly. As we are a human being so we have emotion and affection due to that kinda element we suffer a lot. If you think that he/she is anger than you try to make you adjust with him/her so that during his/her angry mood you may support him/ her it will make the bond deeply and won’t departure the relation forever on the other hand if him/her angry mood you also do like him/ her it means that your relationship is going to be vandalized. Why not might be for the first time will make huff between you guys but gradually it will make a long distance and altercation a happy couple. So please avoid angrily and adjust yourself if you want to run a relation for a long time/ up to death. It’s not only for love it also for a married couple. And another one condition gives him/her priority in your life during taking any decision to let him/her know and do it after discussion either you succeed or failure no matter because in the meantime you have discussed the matter both of you will take the matter easily. Don’t talk much about your past GF or BF with him/her it can be a caused to make him/her distressed and huff against you. Might be surrounding you there are huge fellow who want to have your love but you didn’t know you should be aware of it and don’t share such incidents with him/her while you are engaged with each other and share every moment of your life and trust him/her more than you otherwise it’s very tough to run relation.

Having Problem In Mentally: It’s a common matter to have a problem in life there is none who can say I have no problem in life. if one say that I have no problem it means that he/she is lying owing to it is quite impossible to be happy without sufferings. Why people are having a mental problem? According to me Money is the main reason to have a mental problem for kinds of people, for instance, you just completed your study and trying to have a good job with handsome salary as your parents are talking you constantly please do something we are now helpless and mother will say your father is aged now so give him rest for while as he had been working from the beginning, this is time to do something we have given you enough time also you are graduated then why you will not do something and whatever you will do it would be better for us. Younger sister and brother will call you bro I need money to pay the salary of private teacher and college fee or something else on the other hand if you have of then let her listen if she is well minded then will say you don’t worry about me because I am your and try to do something but fact is that how many days she will consider? How many times she will convince her family by saying I won’t marry now let me finish study by this way you will be crazy and it seems to you better to die than life.

Okay come to the point, from my own experience have seen so many humorous and helpless person who had fallen in hazardous situation and overcome everything by having smiling face(Though I had this virtue now demolished) take everything easily don’t be stressed just pray to Almighty Allah and want to have the power to overcome all issue’s. don’t be stopped your hardworking, passionate, persistent, and am sure if you can do accordingly you will be succeeded inshallah. We normally see on the way during walking some pedestrians are lying on the way they have no accommodations, healthy food, luxury dress, beyond they are happy and having a good life. When you are having melancholy try to help those who haven’t dress buy one dress for them and give them then you will realize how much happy are being and pray to Allah for your betterment, try to help who are in starvation didn’t eat something for one or two days purchase some food and eat them by your own hand after that see their eye they will cry spontaneously with unlimited happiness. It will help you to overcome your melancholy and almighty Allah knows very well when what will happen to us.

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