India has been in peace with 173 runs in all-out Bangladesh


India has been in peace with 173 runs in all-out Bangladesh Everyone is in peace. All of Bangladesh are thinking to win this match the possibility of winning does not mean it is not at is the best performance everyone will be able to win. We are the team who stuck the batting line up like India in 174 runs are all out of 173, why won’t you be able to trapped India? Let’s go ahead in Bangladesh. Our hearts have a love of with you guys.what’s nonsense playing Bangladesh. Win a match we start trolling others. Forget that others will troll us in the next five matches. Even if it was two there was a word. But the subject is not like that. It’s going on for the past several years. What does this topic prove? By proving we are a nation of immature It is logical to joy themselves. But sarcasm is the identity of a very low mentality in the defeat of others. Does Bangladesh understand that how to play in ODI match? What are you playing Very bad performance? It is proved that the word I say is that Bangladesh could not be able to do with momentum. If you could understand the dignity of Bangladesh would have taken a short time like this. Here is the budget of Because it’s Indian but not Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, it can be compensated but it is very painful against the Indian. If you can play in the front 300 runs were given to target So the Indian used to be stressed. It can be said to be able to say if you get enough of Bangladesh’s batting

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