I also can arise to my willpower

I also can arise to my willpower
Mindset stories

Sometimes I can’t understand that what I will write? What I should write? What I have to write? Just it I can understand that I have to write, I have to think a lot if I want to create a successful story, if I want to prove myself, if I want to show it, everyone, I also can arise to my willpower, I also can establish my own financial situation, I also can learn English, I also can to be a fluent English speaker live from a corner of house.

After lost my study life it seems to me that I lost my everything. But, I know and believe that study life never lost and any age for learning. luckily I got a life-changing group. Who’s name was SEG. And I tended to think I get back everything. I get started my journey toward seeing Anu Apu’s success. At that time my wished I will be the next champion after Anu Apu. It did not possible to me. Because unfortunately, I lost my phone. So, at that time I hadn’t anything to do. I had been crying day after day. I can’t explain it by saying how many nights I was awake, I couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t tell to anyone about my pain. Because it wasn’t an acceptable thing to my all nearest and dearest person. So, I felt depressed a lot.

Yet, I don’t know why I was interested to learn English. As a homemaker, it seems like an overplay to maximum’s but not to me. Because, I think that every person has a personal right, attitude, choice, and interest. So, I also have…

By the way, what I was saying, eight months later I got a phone from my dear. He gave me a new android phone. But it went too late. Because Within this time have become a lot of champions.

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