HUNGER STARVATION: Mr.Abrar is a job holder

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HUNGER STARVATION: Mr.Abrar is a job holder. He gets a handsome salary. He has two sons. Total his family member are four with his wife. A servant was his family who worked hi ats house. Her name is Jannah.One  day Abrar wife went to a restaurant two sons with her servant. Few minutes later a waiter came there where Abrar family set on the table. waiter ask Abrar wife good evening mam. How I can serve you? Abrar wife order one fried rice, two chicken fry.fried rice for her, chicken fry for his two sons. But she denies her servant Jannah. Few minutes later the waiter came Abrar family table with food. After getting the food they started to eat their food. But the servant was helpless. When they ate their food the servant looked, again and again, Abrar two sons. Suddenly the restaurant manager watches the scenery. He calls his waiter.what is the problem that one little baby has no food. He understood the little baby was a servant. Then he said his waiter one fried rice give this baby. You prepare this bill my name.when waiter reach this table with food then Abrar wife said oh I do not give the order. Then the waiter said this order by my manager. Then Abrar wife ashamed. This is the whole name is Jannah they are deprived children. we should be conscious of this children. Allah blesses those type of children.we should use our conscience to take care of them. We never deny those type of deprived children. Then they will happy……..


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