How to speak fluently English language

How to speak fluently English language
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How to speak fluently English language

I have put here some topics for you guys which will help you to resolve your problem in finding topics. You can save it at your timeline by sharing so that you can check it up when your brain is void of topics while wishing to write something. The old members can write posts using these topics consistently for your betterment. If you find more topics except for the hem, add them at comment box then I will include them at my post by editing. Thanks to everyone for being here.


1.Introducing Yourself

2.your family

3.your parents

4.your village

5.your district

6.your country

a 7.your hobby

The 8.your aim in life

9.How you spend your leisure time

10.your daily activities

11.your school/college/university

12.your favorite teacher

13/your favorite person

14/your favorite sports/games like cricket/football or any other

15.your grandfather or grandmother

16/your favorite poet

17.your favorite leader

18.your favorite tv programme

19..your daily life

20.your school/college/university library

21.School magazine

22.your memorable day

23.Student life

24.Honesty to achieve success

26.Childhood memories

27.Rural/village life

28.Urban/town life

29.Street food

30.your favorite food

31.Historical places

32.The value of time


34.Marriage life

35.Child labor

  1. Dowry system

37.Our Independence day

38.Poverty alleviation

39.Journalism/the freedom of the press


41.The life of a fisherman

42.Law and order

43.Food security

44.Human trafficking

45.Environmental pollution

  1. Air/water/sound pollution

47.Traffic jam

48.Road accident

49.Natural disaster


51.Importance of education



54.Physical exercise


56.The bad effect of falsehood

57.The impact of social media

58.your favorite singer


60.How you pass your holiday


62.About Zoo

63.childhood friends

64.your favorite restaurant


66.Economic growth in your respective country like Bangladesh or etc.

67.The health sector in your country

68.Culture and tradition in your country

69.Empowerment of women in Bangladesh or in your respective country.

70.The technological advancement in your country

71.Importance of reading newspaper.


73.Drug addiction


75.Unemployment problem in Bangladesh or in your respective country.

76.Importance of learning English

77.The life of a day laborer

78.The benefits of a morning walk

79.A rainy day

80.The importance of early rising


82.The uses and abuses of mobile phone

83.Tree plantation

84.The description of a winter morning

85.The impactor uses of Internet

86.About Email

87.International mother language day

88.A book fair

89.A trade fair

90.A journey by bus or boat or train

91.About a wedding or marriage ceremony

92.A picnic or study tour

93.About a cultural Programme


  1. About the Eid day
  2. The importance of watching television

97.Uses and abuses of satellite T.V channels

  1. Nuclear family or Extended family
  2. Agricultural sector in your country

100.Global warming

101.Greenhouse effect

102.Arsenic pollution

103.The dangers of smoking


105.Population problem in Bangladesh or in your respective country

106.The bad impact of early marriage

107.Food adulteration

108.The positive and negative sides of Facebook

109.Gender discrimination

110.Climate change

111.The liberation war in Bangladesh


113.The natural beauties of Bangladesh or your respective country.

114.Birds of your country


116.Student life

117.E-commerce sector in Bangladesh

118.Digital Bangladesh

119.your favorite movie

120.Garment industry in Bangladesh


  1. About Search English group
  2. About reading section

124.About Search English website

  1. The benefits of Search English workshops or online classes.

126, The importance of writing comments.

  1. Your journey with Search English group

128.How Search English group is playing a massive role to change people’s lives by making then fluent in English.

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