He is a classic player and a good batsman too


He is a classic player and a good batsman too. But now I feel like he’s the weakest player of this team put us in the hand of our team’s danger. Our class liton Kumar das he runs in the total 14 matches. I only see the mountain of zero and a little more than a few runs, it is called the classic batsman after ten matches. A match is all good play. . Mohammad Mithun has been able not to put himself in a high place. but what liton did to do with the wickets trophy and a match and the West Indies T-twenty match and what did liton das don’t we give him a chance. Like Full maybe some less match played but can’t run fifty plus runs in this low match. I think liton will run 100 in today’s match but the more is back to zero. Liton Kumar Das I am a very big fan of you. Went but you disappointed me. I don’t want you to get more trouble in the group. BCB I request that this time in the Asia Cup, liton got enough chance and many more new players should be given the opportunity for us. Before the cup, our team will be manageable and have to build a full energy team. We will never win any match against any team so liton kumar das if you do flop, I don’t want to see you anymore. This is the national team.

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