Happiness of life

Mindset Others stories

-> I know a person who is but graduate who passed 13 years of his married life trying to getting a child. He achieves success in his life but doesn’t get gratification.

-> AGM of a banker person I know who’s wife left him with 2 children. In his life, he achieved everything mone fame, success but he didn’t get love.

-> I know a person who recently completed his MBA and went abroad for doing a better job. After getting the job he sends the proposal to his beloved home whom he loves near 14 years but the parents refused his proposed only for he is a sojourner. Is getting a good job is enough for life?

-> know a girls story who was escaped with his beloved but what happens, After tolerating so much torture one day she does suicide drinking poison. She left her parents house for her love but don’t get success.

-> A girl who is doing her study in the number one college of her country but can’t marry her beloved because her color is dark and her beloved family doesn’t want to accept her. She couldn’t be happier though she has a famous college degree.

-> everything will be changed saying this word who try to console her beloved after getting married she can’t change anything.

-> for making her career who didn’t allow her parents to utter any word of marriage she didn’t get married ever. She has money, fame, luxury everything except the husband.

->who lecture everyone that she would make her husband always happy, she has been divorced through she was gotten married in a rich family.

-> the girl who always try to keep happy others but couldn’t keep happy her family member.

->the story of an unemployed young boy is also so sad. He has to do an arrangement on his beloved marriage because he hasn’t any job. His father was died before getting his job. Success means happiness is like a bonus for him.

-> a professor said that after 4 years of getting married her husband fallen sick now she has 2 children. She maintains her family with her children and sick husband she passed 12 years of her married life, she has everything but still, her mind is unhappy. Money is everything for life is most false thought for him.

-> actually who are mostly happy in their life? Is money can bring happiness always? Is success means happiness for life? Who is died in his/her one life being happy!!

-> I was saws a happy man in my the area whose name is custom and he is mad. After eating one meal daily he laughed peach fully. There is no one so happy who can be stayed happy with a full stomach. I was seeing a happier person who didn’t achieve big educational degree but still happy with his wife and child.

-> reality of this world is so faded it’s not so colorful like dreams. Nothing need so much for being happy just needs a pure heart and an honest mentality. Love and respect those persons who actually do care for you. Don’t ignore him/her and don’t show the ego to them who love you. Because sometimes we lost those who actually love us do care for us only for our ego and anger. So don’t take any decisions when you became angry. Served yourself to the god and do pray to him. Don’t try to betray with other and you will be happy surely.

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