Fight against hijab in Canada by winning Bangladeshi descent brave Fatima

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Fight against hijab in Canada by winning Bangladeshi descent brave Fatima! This is the name of a young girl who fought against the Parliament of Canada. In different countries of the world when it was banned from its hijab. it is a law that has been banned in public niqab in a few months ago. Whose name is bill-62 No one will be able to read a niqab in Canada according to its law?

Fatima was born in Canada but like other and ten girls. She did not take western culture in the flow of. In fact, she has been able to move the Islamic administration into a deeper chest. After the hijab and niqab, she continues to reach the religion of religion among the Canadian people with class in university. In her dream she will take a teacher at school by passing from the university younger son-girls will educate the religion. But it emerged as a black cloud in the world of his dreams that black law, Bill-62 After this bill, a large number of hijabi women in Canada were watching the darkness..then teen Fatima after fighting the light she took his one with a happy writ in the court of Canada. With the legal fight, there is a public opinion against the Bill-62

In order to fulfill the goal Fatima has suffered a lot of hurdle and niqab in hostile environments, and after niqab, she has to run all his activities. In Canada’s first-row tv channel a big role in creating public opinion. With his hijabi life, a documentary campaign is on a channel. At the end of a long unequal fight today, the sun of that historic day rises with a new light bar. The Court of Canada has canceled the black law Bill-62 by banning the hijab.

Fatima has been victorious today. This victory is not only for him, this victory is of the full Muslim Ummah, the pride of this victory has also touched us as a Muslim of 12 thousand kilometers away. This struggle of teaches us to do not bow down to the other than hundreds of hostile.

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