Few moments are painful others sweetest

Few moments are painful others sweetest
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Few moments are painful others sweetest. Those which are painful those are forgettable, and which are so sweet, men always try to re-remember that, this is a reality.

I always like the English subject, for this, all the English teacher is a great person for me. Today I would like to share here my favorite few English teachers whose are always a man of great personality and a man of respectability.

The first time the ABC of English was taught by my father, so he was a first English teacher of mine.

After passing the primary in the high school, I had found there an English teacher named Tofazzal Hossain sir, his teaching capacity was exceptional than others, he was especially expert in voice/Narration. His teaching capacity was so easy that even I couldn’t forget that.

In the college life, I had found a teacher who taught English with fun, no one couldn’t absent from his class.

After completed M.S.S in political science, also I had completed B.ed course, in that period, I had found another better teacher named Nisit Kumar kundo sir. In that course, I was taken English as an elective subject. He taught us English tremendously, also taught us a few concepts of Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Phonetics etc. He was always tried to develop our speaking capability. During his class time, I always sat in the back bench keeping the head on the bench, but always he searched me anyhow and told me to say something to the class as a class teacher. First time I weighed that day by day I improved my capability. In that B.ed course, we had to take the English subject in the school, in that time, I had to teach Police lines school and college and RCCI school and college, both school I had to take six to ten English subject that was 2005. During that time, it was so tough for me because throughout the class period we had to speak English. sometimes Examiner were siting behinds the students in the class. There was no way to cheat, then I always remembered Nisit Kumar kundo sir with respect and delivered my speech in the class so carefully. It was too difficult to teach in those school because few students were so naughty and others so clever and fast. But I always handled with so carefully. Though that was so tough, I enjoyed so much.

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