Everyone wants to finds a beautiful life partner

Everyone wants to finds a beautiful life partner

Today I want to share you to all about mentality. Actually, I also believe it that man is beauty-loving. And that’s why maybe everyone finds a beautiful life partner. But my question is that if anyone is really looking for a beautiful partner, then why he/she won’t find that person who has a beautiful mind. Cause a life partner means who will stay with us till our last breath. That means we stayed with a person almost 50 to 60 years. But when we are choosing him/her for a life partner. Then why we didn’t look up his or her inner beauty what has stayed with him or her always. But unfortunately, we always find outward beauty what is just temporary. Get older we lose our outward beauty. But our inner beauty will stay with us always. Cause it belongs in our mind.

Suppose you are got a beautiful life partner but he or she’s mind, the mentality is too worst. Then you can’t be happy ever. On the other hand, if you got a person who is not more than beautiful in the side of his/her outward but his or she has a beautiful mind and a good mentality then you can taste the happiness of heaven in a stay at earth.

And that’s why It seems to me that beauty is not live in a men’s face rather it belongs in our mind. So we should appreciate a men’s inner beauty more than outward.

Actually, our society has some people who never realize others pain. If anyone’s fair complexion is black then everyone always makes fun of taken with her/ him. But they don’t think it that if anyone is not fair, then what is his fault there? He’s or she’s creator made her/him with this color complexion. And we all know it that our creator creates us with very lovingly and also affectionately. That means black and white everyone is Allah’s creation. So how dare he or she, who insult others for his her color complexion? Nobody has the right to insult Allah’s creation. Cause being a fearless person it’s not his or her birth fault. So please mend your mentality. And appreciate those people who are not fair in outward but has a beautiful mind.

You have to remember always it that outward beauty is not permanent. So be careful don’t insult anyone for his black skin rather give thanked your creator instant cause he will keep you in the better position for that people

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