Be the master of your fate

Be the master of your fate
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Be the master of your fate

Man is gifted, special and superior to all animals on this earth. He is a thinkable animal. He got the gift of language. As compared to all other animals; Man can express his love, fear, surprise, wonder, by using effective words.

Man doesn’t have wings like birds but he can fly,

Man doesn’t have Gil’s like fish but he can reach to every part of the ocean.

Man is feeble as compared to horse, elephant, tiger but man could become the ringmaster of them.

A man with the help of his talent could make all animal dance to his tune.

Man can ride upon turbulent water waves to cross every boundary of the ocean. He can reach on top of the Everest. He can land the moon, Mars-like other planets.

He can whirl around the globe. He can cross even seven seas. The world is like his yard.

There is hardly any Herculean task for him. Everything is possible for him.

He can master any language spoken in the world.

Man is unique and special and valuable diamond.

Come on my friend, get up, rise in full swing. Accept every challenge, fight every battle, cherish and fulfill your dreams. Let us make this world a better place to live in. Nobody in this world can change you. But 100% you can change yourself. You are the master of your own fate. You are born to win and rule this world…

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