Bangladesh was lost to Afghanistan


After seeing the home page, Bangladesh was lost to Afghanistan. After losing Bangladesh I remember the name of my first Jafar I understand the pain. Let’s think about what do you want. The one who is so false to hate afghans, Bangladesh has lost against in Afghanistan. Bad Lager is natural. During The Liberation War, the people of the Pak army will now say, there was a high-quality Pakistani player in the group of Afghanistan that no one knew. This is a conspiracy against Bangladesh. The big mustache Rashid will go low? that was the bigotry u don’t get brainwashed like the boys of the camp. It’s time to love you now. In this age, you will have a storm for each other in your heart, it is normal. So you will love when you wish, it will dance like me when I wish. fans are telling the challenge, ask your Asia, let’s say harder than him!

Before writing these little words, there was a way to wrap up among the Muslims but did not go. I don’t want to be bad before sleeping. However, it will say that there is a burden. The Taliban who threaten Bangladesh for a few days ago, they see the Taliban really lost Bangladesh. It didn’t become an extreme sadness for them!

I have no interest in cricket, and I have no interest. It seems to be the revenge of the killing of India, such as hypocrisy, similarly, it is another madness to remember Pakistan. During the time, everyone is busy with cricket games, a little look at that time is brutally killing Muslims in many countries in the world. Allah must be watching, some of his servants are brutally murdered in the hands of kafir, and some of the other servants of the other

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