An old beggar like the picture’s man would come to my house for begging

An old beggar like the picture's man would come to my house for begging
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It’s been a long time since an old beggar like the picture’s man would come to my house for begging. His age will not be less than 90 which was my assumption. Basically, I had a serious curiosity about the old man because of his begging action. The man was nothing but skin and bone whose sunken eyes were enough to make me assume his age. I saw him wearing a short torn lungi and a sleeveless shirt as many times as I came across him. Sometimes I couldn’t but be astonished thinking that being such an old man how he managed himself for begging. Because both of his hands always shivered not for any disease but for his old-age complications. Nevertheless, he was to bring a heavy bag for holding the rice. He was so weak and weightless that if a stormy wind blows on him he must not have the ability to survive against it. His footstep is not faster than an adult tortoise. When he knocked on my door he made a voice stretching the name” Allah…, Allah…., Allah….” He called as if it was a hungry cat which has no energy to sound more for food. But I never waited for his second call. Perhaps there was a spiritual connection between his voice and my hearing which made me always conscious about his presence. The most painful situation of mine was to face him because when I just came before him I lost myself. I couldn’t understand what would be better for me to treat the old beggar with food, clothes or rice. I wish I could fill up his bag with rice! At the same time, I also thought that how he would carry it then because he had no ability to carry more than two kilograms. He also couldn’t say anything about what he wanted. This time I always got my father with me to serve him. My father suggested me to give him some foods at first. The most surprising matter is that when I arranged some foods for him my eyes got covered with tears. I didn’t understand the meaning of these tears but I could realize a presence of Supreme Being with me which never I feel in any other work or incident. On the other hand, I also could estimate my consequences that what disaster might come on me if I ignored the old beggar.

Some of my neighbors told me that the old man shivering his hands tried to draw our sympathy and they considered him a hypocrite. They also suggested me not to help him. Alas! How blind and damned they are! They do not think a 90-year poor hungry old man can never act like this. Even if he did so, was it a crime for him to survive a bit in this world? Maybe, he could understand that he had become a matter of disbelief to us.

Still, I wait for the old man who came to me to purify my soul which is covered with materialistic desire and sin but the man now comes no more. I have lost an angel who created a friendly bridge between me and the Supreme Being and appeared before me with divine messages. I do not know whether he is alive or dead but his absence has deprived me of getting into my spiritual world…

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