A story of my childhood best friend

childhood friend

Today I want to tell all of my groupmates about my childhood friend. I have lost her forever. My best friend name was Nusrat shahin… She was so cute and so intelligent girl… She was a second or third girl in every class..her hight and weight were so poor than her age. Because She had a great problem in her body. She always suffered many diseases like a cough, cold, fever, throat and so on. The maximum time she couldn’t attend the class for her sickness. Although she did a good result in every class because her dream was doing better something.. Her mother always takes care of her and aunty came with her in our school. She was a hardworking girl that is why she can handle her lesson properly. Her skin was bright white and her hair was brown like a foreign girl that is why our one teacher called her “japanize doll”.

I and Nusrat stayed together the whole time and she helped me for solving math because I was very weak in mathematics Everyday we did masty in the class but after class, she couldn’t join us for returning home cause her mother hired a rickshaw for her of monthly. But she didn’t like that she wanted to join with us.we lived in village so we did lots of masty the time of come back home that’s why she felt sad and she requested me to give company to her on rickshaw but most of the time I couldn’t back with her although sometimes I tried to stay with her..our friendship started from class one in primary level.. 3 year running in that way when we were class eight she couldn’t attend any class and her condition was going bad day by day… We went to her house to meet her.. Many doctors looked at her but couldn’t recover…

After some days we have got a vacation for Ramadan Karim and we couldn’t meet her and one day my another friend called me and said to me”Nusrat is no more”I was shocked and I have lost my sense and I went her house very rapidly with my cousin. But my bad luck was that i couldn’t see her face for last time cause her family didn’t announce to her death news anyone and her coughing didn’t stop so they have gone grave took with her when I reached here and I was cried stand the beside their windows and searched her inside the house cause I didn’t believe that she is more in this world even still I don’t believe this. She will stay in my heart forever. May Allah give her ist step of Jannat I always pray for her in my 5-time prayer. My only one regrets that I didn’t saw her for last time. So guys, be happy with your dearest person today, We don’t know tomorrow will what happen with us. Happy learning.

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