A story of a Bangladeshi movie name ‘moroner pore’

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Today i want to share a story of a Bangladeshi movie name ‘moroner pore’ i don’t know how can i explain about it because i feel blank totally. But i want to try…..

Moroner pore is a bangla movie based on poverty, helplessness, and brutal fate. And this movie was acted by our famous bangladesi actors sabana and alomgir and kholil. 6 children also play a vital role also but forgot their name sorry.

Now it’s story time….

Sabana and alomgir has a very happy family and they lead their life simple way but happily with their 6 child 1 daughter and 5 son.

One day alomgir lost his 2 hand while working in his office. And the whole family faced a very hard time because he was the only earning member in this family. After that sabana start to tailoring work for earning money but for her earning money and maintaining family getting tough day by day. Seeing this alomgir felt melancholy and sabana try to forget his grief saying that so what he lost his 2 hand he already have 14 hands.

After few days sabana feeling sick and went to hospital and found that she has cancer and only few months are left for her living this new was so devastating for her. She was all broken thinking that what will happen with her children. They both are couldn’t decide what should they do. Then they decide that they give their children to other parents who haven’t any kid and they published news about this in newspaper.

After few days of publishing news one parent come here to take a child and they adopt the most younger one. They give their all children one by one to other. But their one son has a diseases (mrege rog) so no one agree to adopt him that’s why they admitted him in a orphanage home. This scenario of this movie is so heart touching may be i couldn’t describe it this way but it really so emotional. How painful it for a parents that others are taking their children and they didn’t do anything. They accept this helplessly

Before 3 days of her dying she made 5 dress for her children but when he try to make another she feels sick and pray to god that ‘ Allah give me one more day so that i can make one more dress for my child without this my one child has grief for rest of his life’ allah accept her and she feel ok.

When sabana was dying she want to drink water but she can’t because alomgir has no hand but he try to give her water using his mouth but he can not all water were fallen. This scene is so pathetic

Director of this film executes all the whole story so nicely. And all the actor and actress were given their 100% to make the film success. And the song of this movie oh my god so heart touching and very much appropriate for the film. One of the songs is ‘ prohibit the diner as dudine e range khelaghor’ another is ‘vulete patina Mayer valobasa’

If you never see this movie ever then please saw because of its so amazing movie though it’s a golden ages movie many of us Maybe like it please ignore if you don’t like. I think this movie shows us how fate can be crude that it made people obliged to doing those pathetic work. I really can’t help myself crying when I see this movie.

I really couldn’t express my opinion about this movie that how nice and practical this movie is.

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