A moonlit night is a night It means that the moon looks like a silver

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A moonlit night is a night. It means that the moon looks like a silver. The moonlit night is very charming to every people. All class of people enjoys this night. Students like the day. They move here and there at random. They also abstain from their study. Then they forget all sufferings and sorrows. They pass the night by enjoying. The children play hide and seek at night. They also forget their parents. They play many games this night. They avoid their food. The singer loves the night. They sing songs in the open sky. The old tell the story to the children. Afterward, I like the moonlit night. It is very wonderful for me. I can’t describe the story of the night to write some sentences. I sat idle in the roof at night. I would tell the night to my personality in the sly. You also like the night.

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