A man becomes uncommon and honorable

uncommon and honorable
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A man becomes uncommon and honorable to all by dedicating his life to the welfare of common people. Every day we perform a good deal of work but these works are performed due to our own interest. Though we have sufficient physical and mental strength, capability, time and efficiency to work for relieving to the distress people, being narrowly minded we roll together our hands doing such types of helping work. We never want the development of others at all. Maybe we are higher educated, cannot broaden our hands to others. If we keep our eyes to the history, we will be able to know the famous people and how they have been so populated. I have seen such a populated man in my own eyes in this worldwide search English group. I highly appreciate him for his noble work, creating this learning group and including us to remove our English fearfulness and moving us up from the stagnation situation.

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