A good day life of student promises productive and improve our English

Mindset stories

I’m a new member of this group. I’ve been following this group for last one week and its been really helpful for me and my friends to improve English skill. I added a few friends of mine as well to practice English here. They also appreciate the activities of this group.

From today I’m gonna write posts in this group regularly to improve my writing English skill. If I make any mistake I expect everyone to help me because no human is beyond mistake. I’m here to learn better English through social media, I think this a very good idea to practice English in a Facebook group rather than scrolling the news feed and see a public post or prank videos. We waste a lot of precious time in our daily life using Facebook so let’s make it productive and improve our English. In this modern era, it is so important to know perfect English besides Bangla so that we could compete with this modern world.

Knowing English adds an extra quality to your personality and lifestyle. Its enrich your skill and makes you smarter than a common man. It helps us to know the wide world. If you know better English you’ll be able to hold a conversation with anybody doesn’t matter how educated or smart he is. No one will look down on you. But you should not show pride, pride destroys ourselves and make people hate you. So we all should respect and love each other for the pleasure of Allah not for our personal interest.

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