A day of Student life


Today I went to my university for some signatures and a testimonial of dept. head and register sir. It was not for me, it was for my friend. He needed it for his scholarship issue. We lots of suffering to get signature .1st we went to register room to get a testimonial. They gave us a form to fill up with the dept. head signature. Dept head sir said us to fill up registration form before. As his sound, we filled it up. It was maybe 12 pm. When we had gone to head sir room then he didn’t his chamber. We asked to floor boy that is sir in versity?. He answered us, no. again asked him, when he will come?. Answered May be 2 pm. Then we looked at each other. And told in mine nothing to do. After than we went the library, there I was studied English newspaper and I wondered myself to understand most of the sentence. Felt well also. Whatever we again went head sir chamber. Then he was in the chamber. My friend went to him to take a signature. But he can’t signature and said us come after my class. Already we were waiting for him 2hs. Then I came back home.

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